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+7 (391) 206-73-75

60 let Oktyabrya, 124 i, Krasnoyarsk

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Our 113 dealers in Russia and CIS countries will help you determine
and pick up the necessary products

For all questions of buying infrared heaters «Teplofon» and «Sunrain»
in regions without official offices «Teplofon» LLC please call: (391) 206-73-75, 206-73-74

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Иркутская область  5 representatives:

City Official representative «Teplofon» Contacts
Иркутск Группа «Новатор»
Розы Люксембург, 3а
tel.: (3952) 799-741, 799-742
Иркутск Метр
ул. Трактовая, 18б
tel.: (3952) 288-200
Иркутск ООО «Инфраснаб» ул. Баррикад,101,офис 101
tel.: (3952) 34-75-68, 34-75-21
(3952) 347568, 347521
Иркутск ООО ТЕПЛОТЭН ул. Сурнова, 22/7.
tel.: (3952) 778-103
(3952) 778-351
Братск ООО «Кристи-С» пр-кт Ленина, 4
tel.: (3953) 45-15-55, 45-16-70

Recently, there is a lot of low-quality products by the brand of Teplofon, be careful.

If you don’t want to buy low-quality and not Teplofon infrared heaters from strange factories, we recommend you to buy products in official offices