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16 years on the market 

The Teplofon production company was founded in 1997. The main activity — production of infrared electric heaters.

Heaters of «Teplofon» allow to avoid irrational distribution of temperature and to reduce thermal losses. There is no excess heating of air course heaters line up temperature between floor and ceiling and its provide 40% of energy saving. Those who care about the ecology of their environment, will be more than satisfied with the performance of heaters «Teplofon», because they do not burn oxygen, do not emit odors, are quiet and harmless to health. Heaters made of environmentally friendly materials, fireproof, resistant to mechanical damage, allowed as the primary heating without supervision and have a certificate of conformity.

Infrared panel heaters «Teplofon» equipped with thermal switch, which automatically disables them from their electrical outlets when the temperature rises above 90 °C and activated when cools.

All infrared heaters «Teplofon» are guaranteed for 5 years.

More than 10 years in non-stop working mode heaters can be due to maintaining the heating element in the low temperature mode.

Infrared heaters can be in two versions: wall and ceiling.

The products of the «Teplofon» company is patented and certificated.

PhD thesis developed analytical and graphical models of the thermal field of radiant heating in residential and agricultural areas by thermal panels; developed a method of superposition of thermal fields of several emitters under the joint action in the room; developed a method of location efficiency radiant panels, and to determine the most advantageous their locations; developed a method of creation a test stand for measuring thermal fields and the characteristics of the sources of infrared radiation; received Results on energy savings and production of new types of «Teplofon» products.

The practical significance of the work is to develop technical specifications and organizing the production of radiant heat sources «Teplofon» in residential and animal husbandry buildings.